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Modular & User-Friendly SystemLike all Open Tech 3D systems, OPTOR LAB & OPTOR L form an open system. Freedom to import data from other systems, freedom to export to the...
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Modular & User-Friendly System
Like all Open Tech 3D systems, OPTOR LAB & OPTOR L form an open system. Freedom to import data from other systems, freedom to export to the various CAD systems on the market. Complete flexibility in the application of the most suitable working strategies. OPTOR LAB is available in two different versions, Basic and Performance, to meet all clients' needs. The Basic version can always be upgraded over time. OPTOR L is an intuitive and easy to use scanning software. The user can be immediately productive in just a few steps.
Wizard Mode & Auto Alignment System
OPTOR L has been developed based on the experience gained in more than 10 years in the dental sector. A particularly efficient and flexible wizard allows the inexperienced user to be productive from the very beginning. OPTOR L includes powerful automatic alignment algorithms that speed up the workflow and eliminate the possibility of user error.
Parallel Meshing
The advanced processing algorithms of OPTOR L allow to scan and generate triangular surfaces in parallel. This makes the user save 50% of the working time before switching to the CAD.
Advanced Scan Bodies Alignment System
OPTOR L includes a powerful implant library alignment method. This, combined with the high scanning accuracy and repeatability, makes the scanner OPTOR one of the best optical system available on the market for handling complex implant cases.
Expert & Advanced Module
OPTOR L can be integrated with the Advance & Expert module through which the experienced user can achieve a high level of optimization and quality of the work performed.
Guaranteed High Accuracy and Repeatability
The newly designed calibration master, digitized and measured with certified instrumentation, together with the powerful self-calibration system with a certified reference ring, allow high accuracy and constant repeatability over time. The accuracy is less than 5μm and the repeatability less than 2μm, according to the ISO 12836 dental sector's standard specifications.